Google Sheets, Stocks, and Funds

Although I’m a developer, I still think spreadsheets are the best tool for certain tasks. I thought I’d had to giveup my portfolio sheet if I was to automate it, but I was happy to see I was wrong. With GOOGLEFINANCE I’m able to fetch quotes for stocks and funds from Google Finance, so I don’t have to type it manually anymore.

You can use it to:

  • Fetch an American share/fund price: GOOGLEFINANCE("GOOG").

  • Fetch a Brazilian share/fund price: GOOGLEFINANCE("BVMF:ABEV3").

  • Fetch conversion rates between currencies: GOOGLEFINANCE("USDBRL"). Keep in mind that it might not be necessary to do any conversion.

Besides the price, this function also allows you to fetch other data. Check GOOGLEFINANCE documentation to see what else you can do.

Now I need to find a way to fetch Brazilian bonds data. Email me if you know a way to do it in Google Sheets.