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A fresh start

Sometime near the end of 2012 I acquired a VPS1. It gave me the fun and exciting experience of setting up mail, SQL, and web servers.

OK, it wasn’t so fun, and certainly wasn’t exciting, but it was interesting nevertheless. However, by now I was growing tired of keeping it up to date and backed up. Also, the recent devaluation of the Brazilian real made it all a little bit more expensive to pay in dollars.

I ended opting for hosting my email at Google Apps, and my website at GitHub Pages. This way I don’t have to worry so much about security updates, and I have access to better features than my previous mail server. It’s also cheaper, so I guess it’s a win-win situation.

During this transition, I’ve decided to start a new blog instead of migrating the old one2. The markdown files seem to be perfectly compatible, but I like the feeling this breakdown from the old texts brings.

  1. In case you’re wondering, my VPS was hosted by RamNode, and I have nothing to complain about them. 

  2. My old texts will be available on the old repository for the foreseeable future. 

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